Fire Safety Engineering

We have successfully addressed some of the most complex challenges in fire safety engineering, to deliver cost-effective and acceptable solutions to our clients. Using both prescriptive and performance-based approaches, we are able to formulate holistic fire safety strategies for complex buildings and infrastructure

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Tunnel Ventilation

We are world leaders in the design of ventilation systems for rail, road, metro and utility tunnels. Our renowned expertise is underlined by our wide range of international projects, our involvement in standards-setting bodies including PIARC and our research and development activities

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

We have extensive experience of delivering high-quality CFD computations for a range of industries and applications including tunnel and station infrastructure, waste-water processing and data centre cooling. Our calculations benefit from consideration of best practice standards promulgated by international bodies, and experience in the writing of CFD codes

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Risk Management

We have advised a wide range of clients in the management of risks, and can offer a number of professional services to support intelligent decision-making for the whole risk control cycle. This includes economic assessments of the likely benefit to cost ratios of alternative investments to enhance safety

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MoJet® - Cut Costs and Reduce Energy Consumption for Tunnel Ventilation

Mosen Ltd has patented the unique MoJet® tunnel ventilation system, which has been adopted in a number of metro and road tunnels worldwide. This patented device can significantly enhance the aerodynamic thrust delivered by jetfans. It does this by using shaped nozzles to accelerate the flow and turn it away from the tunnel soffit and walls, thus reducing friction between the jet and the tunnel surfaces. The reduction in aerodynamic friction leads to significantly improved energy efficiency, as well as fewer jetfans being required to provide tunnel ventilation.

Latest News: Grenfell – Refurbishment faults ‘fuelled fire’

The deaths of 71 people in the Grenfell Tower disaster would have been avoided had the building not been refurbished, according to a fire report.

A BRE Global report, leaked to the Evening Standard, concluded that the fire would have had “little opportunity” to spread from the flat it started in, had it not been for the recladding and other works carried out between 2014 and 2016. More details are provided in the attached NCE article.

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