Innovative design

The reversible MoJet® tunnel ventilation system can enhance the in-tunnel aerodynamic thrust delivered by other jetfans by up to 25%, depending on the installation location.

To achieve such a significant improvement in performance, the MoJet® uses shaped nozzles which turn the airstream away from the tunnel soffit and walls. This reduces surface friction, minimising the Coanda Effect, where a reduction in static pressure due to the high jet velocity tends to deflect the jet towards any solid surface.

The MoJet® represents a significant improvement over older technologies to reduce the Coanda effect, such as the Banana Jet® and airflow deflectors, please see our comparison presentation.

Improve efficiency

The innovative design results in markedly improved energy efficiency and fewer or smaller jet fans being required to provide the same degree of ventilation, as verified by independent measurements in a full-scale tunnel.

MoJet® nozzles do not encroach upon the traffic envelope, and can be installed very close to tunnel walls and soffits, reducing space requirements and construction costs.

Cut costs

The breakthrough design not only enhances efficiency but lowers lifetime costs as well. With fewer fans required, installation and running costs are reduced.

A MoJet® with a smaller diameter does not compromise in-tunnel thrust yet weighs 20% less, and has 15% less installation height for the same in-tunnel thrust as a conventional jetfan.

Cabling costs can be cut too, since MoJets® can be installed at the portals and can be arranged longitudinally closer together in the tunnel – a significant advantage in short tunnels.

To estimate the reduction in your annual operating costs and the net present value of your MoJet® investment, please download our estimator.

Proven technology

MoJets® have been successfully installed in the Grimstad Port Tunnel, Byfjord Tunnel, Mastrafjord Tunnel and Granfoss Tunnel in Norway, the Kulbane and Hvidovre Tunnel in Denmark and the Messina Palermo Motorway Capo d’Orlano & Tindari Tunnels in Sicily (Italy).

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