How the MoJet® Works

A large percentage of the thrust from conventional jetfans is wasted due to the friction between the jet and the surrounding tunnel walls. The fraction of energy that is typically wasted due to aerodynamic friction varies between 15% to 30%. The friction is exacerbated by the Coanda effect, which causes the high-speed jet to adhere to the tunnel surfaces.

The MoJet® works by harnessing three physical effects: the reduction of the Coanda effect, static pressure recovery downstream of the fan, and the enhancement of fan airflow volume.

By turning the jet away from the tunnel surfaces, the Coanda effect is significantly reduced. The inlet and outlet areas from the MoJet® are arranged to be greater than the fan area, and hence a significant proportion of the kinetic energy of the flow is recovered as static pressure which acts to accelerate the tunnel air. The MoJet® inlet and outlet flow resistances are reduced compared to a conventional jetfan, and this leads to greater fan airflow for less shaft power.


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