Reaping the benefits of tunnel fire suppression

Mosen Ltd were instructed by the Danish manufacturer VID Fire-Kill ApS to calculate the required ventilation capacity in a planned new Turkish road tunnel, with and without their TUNPROTEC fire suppression system. Our calculations indicated that the required number of jetfans to control smoke was halved with the fire suppression system in operation. More details are available here.

‘Sheer luck’ fire hit car park still standing

New Civil Engineer magazine has published an article regarding the Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire, which destroyed 1,300 vehicles on New Year's Eve.
Mosen Ltd's managing director Fathi Tarada said that large parts of the reinforced concrete structure appeared to have spalled off, leaving large areas of reinforcement exposed and a highly weakened, failed structure. Better drainage facilities with flame traps for the split hydrocarbons may have reduced the extent of the damage.

Lord Mair presents Dr Fathi Tarada with ICE Fellowship Award

Lord Robert Mair, president of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), presented an ICE Fellowship Award to Dr Fathi Tarada at a ceremony in the ICE's London headquarters. Fellowship, the ICE's highest grade of membership, is for engineers and technicians who have made a big contribution to the profession, and who are known and respected in the industry for their expertise.